Humble Beginnings

We are a green small business that keeps the wellbeing of the world and its inhabitants as its upmost priority. KOGO promotes sustainable development goals by working with small scale farmers, reducing environmental pollution and upcycling coffee cherries.

KOGO operates out of Phoenix, Arizona, and the founder (a returned Peace Corps Volunteer) travels frequently to Panama to survey production, ensure quality, and establish meaningful relationships with small scale farmers.

Misson and Vision

KOGO was founded with the purpose of improving the lives of small scale farmers in developing countries, improving the environment, and improving the health of people around the globe in a sustainable manner.

Through upycling a waste stream, KOGO reduces green house gas emissions and has a positive economic impact on small communities in developing countries. KOGO strives to provide consumers with a product that improves brain function, bodily health, and energy. Using sustainable direct trade sourcing methods, KOGO stands on the front line of superfoods as a product that is super-good for everyone involved.