Kogo Coffee Cherries

Experience the sustained focus of Kogo organic ground coffee cherries with our signature pouch. Add it to water, a fresh smoothie, or get creative and add it to your favorite treat and get an extra boost of natural energy.


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100% natural coffee cherries

Feel Good

Help support the world

Power Up

Natural energy without the crash

See what others are saying

I didn't think it would be so different from normal ground coffee beans, but WOAH does the cherry pack a different punch. I love the fruity taste.” - James Ren Great mission and great product. I personally love mine as a tea and it truly does give you sustained focus.” - Katie Strane

Reduce Waste

Over 20 million tons of coffee fruit waste is generated each year. If the coffee cherries are left to rot in the fields they can generate more than 15 million tons of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent). In addition, there is potential for the coffee fruit to leach dangerous mycotoxins into water ways and the soil. Upcycling the coffee fruit reduces this impact and improves the environment in a sustainable way.